Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sips and Strokes

For my little "bachelorette" outing my sister planned for us to go to Sips and Strokes. I had never been before and was very excited about it. A lot of my friends already had plans for the evening so 4 of us : Krista, Danielle, Kenzie and myself got to enjoy the fun. We ended up having a great time and were all pleased with our paintings. Thanks for a fun night Krista!

The finished products!

River Fun

There is nothing better than heading to the Tennessee River on a hot summer day! It is definitely one of my families favorite things to do. This year Jake is big enough to ride the Jet Ski and tube so he is enjoying it also!
Ready for some fun in the sun!

Hanging out on the sand bar.

Ready to take off on his own!

Throwing rocks with Sid!

And......the day is over! It was short ended by tired Little Man but we still had a great time!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Jake!

My little man is 2!
I have been keeping Jake since he was born and am I so lucky to see him grow.
He is so special to me and will always be my "little man"
Enjoying his cake!

All Jake wanted was a "chocit" cake

Jake testing out his new grill we got him

Helping his daddy make dinner!

Opening more presents.