Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rocky Flop

The third Saturday in October has always been one of my favorite things about Alabama football. I love the rivalry between Alabama and Tennessee- (I really love it now that we have won 4 in a row!) But I do also remember the time when we didn't do so hot against the vols! Last years game in Tuscaloosa was a crazy one and luckily we came out on top. When we loaded up for Knoxville this year I could only hope it wouldn't be as close!
Our group waiting to eat at Mellow Mushroom. I was so glad the Reynoldson's went with us!
Jake was excited to try on the Bama helmet

Having fun at the tailgate

I even got to meet up with Lauren

Getting ready to go into the game

I was so excited to see my Megan

Jake got to go on the field and meet Smokey. He was so excited and is still talking about it!

Excited about the win!

My dad and Bama buddy

My amazing family