Monday, April 4, 2011

I've been hiding!

So I am really not good at this blogging thing at all. I guess it is because I really have nothing exciting to blog about....maybe one day soon (as in several years soon haha) can blog about a baby!! Hhaha yes I just wrote that. But anyway, I have actually been super busy lately work and Adam has been super busy with softball. Everything is going great for us right now and we realize more and more everyday how blessed we are!
Out at Meo Mio's
So glad Kenzie could come join!
So excited I got to see my best friend play softball!
My little Abby is growing up! She is probably the prettiest dog I have ever encountered :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ain't goin down til the Sun Comes up!

This past December Garth Brooks came to Nashville to do several benefit concerts for the Nashville flood. I ended up getting 6 nose bleed tickets and we were sooo excited. Me, Jacey, Mom, Nana, Krista, and MacKenzie were all very excited about going! Little did we know we were in for a big treat!! After we got to the concert we were stopped as we were walking up to our seats by a man offering us front row seats. We thought he was totally kidding but no he was not. He said he worked for Garth and this was his treat to us!! It was the best gift ever!!!! It was the best concert ever and a night we will never forget.
Finally in Nashville ready for the big concert
The awesome man who gave us the front row tickets
Yes!! I touched him!!! Multiple times!!!
Get it Garth!
Mom and Nana having a blast
Mom even got a guitar pick and was so excited about it!
Our whole group still on cloud nine after an amazing night!

Friday, February 18, 2011

God Bless Texas

I am such a terrible blogger and way here is too catching up!!
This past January I decided to take a trip to Odessa, TX to see my friend Jacey and her family.
I flew down and rode back with Jacey to Tennessee for her spring semester. It was such a fun trip!
Looking for some coyote

Feeding the cattle
Had a delicious steak finger dinner at Buddy;s
Playing some pool
We got to go see George Bush's childhood home
Sweet Mrs. Holly
The big Jack Rabbit
Cody, Jacey, me, and Craig
Headed to the Rodeo
Jacey's sweet parents
The Wesson Brothers
The next Permian Panther
Even got to stop by the Ballpark in Arlington!

It was such a fun trip!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookies and Milk with Santa

Several nights ago we were able to enjoy Cookies and Milk with Santa at the Elementary school. Jake and Elli had a great time and so did we (I mean....I..) haha.
Jake smiling with his cookie
Decorating their cookies
Chloe was sweet enough to give Adam her cookie
Waiting to see Santa Clause
Elli and Santa
Little man and Santa
Sweet babies
Craft time
Elli and her penguin all finished
Jake very proud of his penguin

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rocky Flop

The third Saturday in October has always been one of my favorite things about Alabama football. I love the rivalry between Alabama and Tennessee- (I really love it now that we have won 4 in a row!) But I do also remember the time when we didn't do so hot against the vols! Last years game in Tuscaloosa was a crazy one and luckily we came out on top. When we loaded up for Knoxville this year I could only hope it wouldn't be as close!
Our group waiting to eat at Mellow Mushroom. I was so glad the Reynoldson's went with us!
Jake was excited to try on the Bama helmet

Having fun at the tailgate

I even got to meet up with Lauren

Getting ready to go into the game

I was so excited to see my Megan

Jake got to go on the field and meet Smokey. He was so excited and is still talking about it!

Excited about the win!

My dad and Bama buddy

My amazing family

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Way behind...

Kenzie brought it to my attention that I am a terrible blogger, so I am going to start doing better. Grown up life is a lot harder and busier than I thought it would be! Adam, Abby, and I have been pretty busy lately. Adam's school year is going great and I think he really likes teaching so far. I am loving being a nurse in Paris. I am about to finish up my orientation with my preceptor Virginia and will be 100% on my own with patients starting the 17th. I am very nervous and excited about this at the same time. I was very lucky to get a good preceptor and have enjoyed it a lot. Abby is doing great and growing. She goes back to the vet this Wednesday and I am sure she has gained several more pounds. She has gotten really wild too! Her favorite activities include: chewing up puppy pads, biting her parents, chewing on the brand new coffee table, and trying her best not to potty train :) She is really not that bad, and we love her a lot. I still think a baby would have been a better decision but for some odd reason Adam disagrees :)

I have been to several Alabama games since my last post and those have been really enjoyable. Alabama is doing good this year (minus the terrible loss yesterday!) I was so excited several weeks ago when I was able to meet former Bama QB Brodie Croyle. I was in love with Brodie while he was at Alabama and was so pumped to meet him...Yes Kenzie, the stalking paid off!

Also, Adam celebrated his 23rd birthday on the 28th of September!
I had too work that day which was not fun, but we were still able to eat cake and open presents with my parents and grandparents that night. He has been an awesome husband and I hope he had a great birthday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our new girl :)

This past weekend Adam and I got a new little addition to our family... Abby.
She is a full blooded Golden Retriever and we love her to death! Hopefully soon I can get more picture uploaded of her!