Monday, May 31, 2010

Disney World

I have been wanting to go to Disney World for awhile now because I don't really remember going before and the Reynoldson family made that possible for me this past week! I was so excited to go with some of my favorite people! We loaded up last week and headed off towards Nashville to catch our flight....only problem was....I forgot my wallet and ID in Camden.... :) Hello Mom!!! I ended up having to call Mom two hours before our flight took off and have her speed to Nashville with it. I ended up going through "intense" security right before she got there because I was afraid I would miss the plane. Security had to call Washington to clear me and I had to be patted down. Mom ended up getting to curb side drop off 5 minutes before my plane boarded and the wallet was thrown security! I ran to my gate and barely made it on time....Not the way to start the trip! Lets just say I was very glad to make it to Florida!! Overall, we had an amazing time at Disney!! It was defenitely won of the best weeks I have had! Thanks Reynoldson family!

Elli got her face painted and loved it!
Renee, Nancy, Nona, Colbey, Cade and Austin on one of the rides

Colbey did not enjoy "Its a Small World" like we did!

Cade and I ready for a day at the Magic Kingdom!

Ready to ride Space Mountain!

Twinkies :)

Colbey, Me, Cade, and Austin at Animal Kingdom

Popsicle break at Epcot before the parade

Waiting in line to ride Toy Story

Posing in front of the Disney Sign

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