Thursday, March 25, 2010


I can finally claim to be a national champion!!

My team finally did it! I always bragged about Alabama's 12 national championships but never really got to experience one. The last time Alabama played in a national championship game was in 1992 when I was 3. This year was finally my year though. My dad and I have been going to games for as long as I can remember. This year we got season tickets and went to all of the home games plus the national championship. I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass us by either. So after working somethings out and deciding it would be my Christmas, birthday, and every event for the rest of my life present my dad got 2 tickets to the 2010 Rose Bowl in Pasadena to watch my Crimson Tide play the Texas longhorns. I must say it was the best experience of my life! We packed up along with Jamy Reynoldson and Little Man and headed off to California for a week!

Outside the Rose Bowl!

Happened to run into Cowboy Troy at the game! He was a longhorn fan :(

Secretly trying to hide this from the Texas fans! He was pumped!

Finally! I have been waiting for this picture a long time!!

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